Seaport awards and quality assurance

Seaport-e quality assurance

Norbeck Technologies has a company-wide Quality Management System (QMS) that addresses every aspect of providing the highest quality products and services. Our QMS includes documented and repeatable processes and procedures for project and contract management; purchasing; new hire selection, screening, and processing; security; and other activities that relate to how Norbeck Technologies conducts business. The QMS assures that Norbeck Technologies continues to maintain certification under the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2000 International Standards for Quality Assurance.

SeaPort-E Awards / Task Orders

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Purchase order N4027316RC038AD

Norbeck's SeaPort-E Contract: N00178-10-D-6199

NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center Norfolk HRSC

FEAD PWD Gulfport

Seaport-E Zone 4 and 5 Addition