Norbeck Technologies, “Norbeck”, is a small business, service disabled veteran owned small business (SDVOSB). The corporate office is in Clinton, Maryland. Norbeck has experience providing network infrastructure and information security to the government, commercial and non-profit sectors. In addition, Norbeck has been involved in providing business development and technology infusion to all three sectors. Norbeck is an Information Technology integration company that provides staffing, product placement and business process re-engineering.

Norbeck has a team of former federal and military officers in “key” advisory roles, as well as large business partners with the same ethical and performance driven philosophies that will contribute to Norbeck providing services that exceed expectations at a competitive price. Our management team has over 50 years of experience providing outstanding service to various federal agencies including the Department of Defense, Department of Justice, Department of Labor and other federal agencies. Norbeck staff provides responsive technically sound and competitively priced support to our clients/customers. Our product placement and selection meet or exceed your current business equipment selections.

Business Staffing
Norbeck brings best value and will ensure we staff the most qualified professionals at your site. Our corporate staff conducts all the recruiting, credentialing, and management of personnel. As an integration company our staff support is just as diverse. As an example, our staffing support has varied from administrative to acquisition/contract specialist. Other supporting efforts have included consultants to support senior federal agency representatives in the review and evaluation of meeting their small business and organizational goals. Examples of our core support areas include helpdesk, security support, engineering support and other organizational support.

Administrative Staffing
Norbeck can serve you with your admin staffing needs. We ensure we are providing you with the best employees for the best value. This includes positions such as accounting, clerical, data entry specialist, and desktop support and web designer.

Consulting Support Staffing
Norbeck will provide you with exceptional consulting support staff. Our consulting personnel may include speech writers, congressional response writers, technical writers, engineers, security professionals, business process engineers and organizational business analyst.

Professional Services
Norbeck can serve you with your admin staffing needs. We ensure we are providing you with the best employees for the best value. This includes administrative assistants, accounting clerks, general clerks, human resources professionals. Information Technology solutions include helpdesk support services and network support.

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We will:

  • Maintain excellent customer communication
  • Provide fair pricing to all our clients
  • Staff more than qualified employees
  • Follow ethical standards and practices
  • Maintain fiscal stability